Trump Saluted a North Korean General, Setting Off a Debate

North Korea put its own spin on the historic meeting between its leader, Kim Jong-un, and President Trump in a video that aired on state television on Thursday, two days after they met in Singapore.

But in the United States, the footage is drawing attention for an awkward exchange between Mr. Trump and a North Korean general that was unseen in international coverage of the event.

While greeting North Korean dignitaries after his initial handshake with Mr. Kim, Mr. Trump proceeded down the line shaking hands, the video shows. When Mr. Trump offered his hand to Gen. No Kwang-chol, who was recently promoted to defense chief, the general saluted instead.

Mr. Trump quickly raised his own hand and saluted back, a gesture that is now drawing debate over military and diplomatic protocol.

Others defended the salute, pointing out that General No had initiated it and saying that Mr. Trump was being polite in return.

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